Project Description


Sitka, Alaska —an opportunity to witness one of my bucket list items, i.e., to watch Abbe
catch big fish, and she did.

Mostly a fishing town, Sitka’s history is entwined with the St. Michael’s Russian
Orthodox Cathedral as well as the native people of the Tlingit tribe.

We passed three days fishing (salmon, halibut, and bottom fish/cod), shrimping and
crabbing and then sightseeing around the town. We were fortunate to have met a Sitka
local while travelling to South America this past year. Michael Reif, the guide and boat
owner for sport fishing, treated us to an unforgettable experience aboard his boat, the
Sea Roamer. Our adventures took us through inland waters and into the open ocean.

East of town, near the end of the road, we discovered a place where several local
Brown bears inhabit. (I call them grizzles but they are officially known as Brown). I’ve
included some photographs of a cemetery that appears abandoned but is simply old,
overgrown. The ground is wet (a bog), and new graves are present.