Project Description

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, photographs from my 2008 and 2009 visits. It is a land of beaches, snorkeling/diving, surfing, rain forest/mountains, tropical forests, dry climate, small cities, and a big city.  And, sun shine.

A beautiful island, and I’ve seen most of it.  Flew out to Vieques Island for a day, drove/hiked to the top of El Yunque, spent time in the Ramey Air Base and Aguadilla area, visited the karst area and Arecibo the radio telescope listening device of the cosmos, constantly heard the “coqui” a small frog with a “croak that says coqui, saw but could not photograph the Puerto Rican Tody (bird all should have on their “to see list”) shopped and explored the masks (Ponce and Loiza) of the Taino/African traditions and voodoo, photographed the islands brightly colored homes and the Spanish colonial design of the commercial buildings, and lastly, proposed to Abbe in Old San Juan.

We’ll go back but might do Cuba first.