Project Description

Elk Hunting

Wenas Creek, photographs 2000 through 2012.

I‘m a hunter, part of the ancient tradition of all cultures.  Small game birds, to big game elk and deer began with my father and brothers. An activity that was all about the “catch” and ultimately the meal on the table.  Fishing, although technically not hunting, has the same sense of adventure, where the process is all about the “catch”.

These photographs represent a snippet of 20 years of hunting for elk with family and friends. Only the last 10 years are represented, due to the advent of the digital camera. These depict our big game hunt in Eastern Washington; the upper Wenas Creek with adjoining Manashtash and Umtanum hunting units.

The photographs reflect a day in the life of hunting.  Including camp (waking up, having a walkabout, eating, having another walkabout, eating, and relaxing when a kill was not present), weather, hiking, hunting, kills, preparing the kill, and family.  I’ve posted these photographs for my family, or for folks that are interesting in learning what is it to hunt big game in Eastern Washington.

I have not hunted since 2013 (6 years) due to an issue I have with my back.  I will return.